Step #2 – Build Your STAGE

Strategic Tax Advantage Guide for Entrepreneurs is your STAGE

Hi!  My name is Renee Berg.  I’m the CEO/founder of RA3 Biz Consultants, and I’m an IRS Enrolled Agent with 20+ years’ experience preparing tax returns and tax plans for individuals, families, and small business owners. Many entrepreneurs I’ve talked to claim to understand the importance of annual tax planning when it comes to building and maintaining their dream businesses, unfortunately they fail to follow through because they fear the process will be either too expensive or too time consuming.  If you have similar fears, rest assured Step #2 in RA3 STEPS TO SELF-EMPLOYMENT SUCCESS offers the perfect solution…

Whether you’ve been self-employed for years or you’re just starting to think about different home-based business options, it’s time to build your STAGE!    


For only $99 your STAGE will focus on both your personal AND business tax scenes.




          Your STAGE order confirmation email will contain a questionnaire that offers an opportunity for you to personalize your plan as much or as little as you like.



      Your customized STAGE is specially designed to be easy to understand, and its tax strategies easy to implement. 

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